Recycled Content

Why does
this matter?

Post-consumer recycled content (PCR) is a process and material practice that’s far from new at PrimaLoft. In fact, PCR has been part of the company’s sustainability efforts since 2007. But in 2015, we challenged ourselves by committing to convert 90% of our insulation product line to contain a minimum of 50% PCR content, by 2020. As of late 2019, 70% of our product line has reached that 50% threshold and we will undoubtedly reach our goal of 90% before the end of 2020. As a result of our ongoing efforts, we’re proud to say that,

As of 2020, PrimaLoft has saved more than


Plastic water bottles from entering landfills + oceans.

The process

Water bottles to chip to insulation

Step 1

Step 1

Plastic bottles are diverted from landfills

Step 2

Step 2

The bottles are cleaned and shredded into chips

Step 3

Step 3

The chips are transformed into PrimaLoft® fibers

Tailored<br />for change

for change

Every decision we make impacts the earth. Take the millions of empty water bottles that are disposed of every year. We decided to save those empty water bottles and give them new life as high performance fibers in our PrimaLoft® insulation and fabrics. It’s our way of changing the world, one jacket at a time.

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