Terms Of Service

PrimaLoft® is excited to partner with you and introduce the PrimaLoft® brand and its products to your customers. The PrimaLoft® brand is the most valuable asset of our company, the protection of which is of paramount importance to PrimaLoft, Inc. (“PrimaLoft”). By using the PrimaLoft Marks, you agree to follow the Brand Guidelines in this document as well as our Terms of Service below. The PrimaLoft® Brand Guidelines will assist you in the creation of a consistent and successful PrimaLoft® brand message to consumers in the marketplace.

  • (Brand partner) acknowledges that PrimaLoft® is the owner of the PrimaLoft® Marks and Technology, and (Brand Partner) shall not at any time do any act challenging, contesting, impairing, invalidating, or tending to impair or invalidate any of PrimaLoft’s® rights in the PrimaLoft® Marks or Technology.
  • (Brand Partner) use of the PrimaLoft® Marks or Technology, and any goodwill established in association with (Brand Partner) use of the PrimaLoft® Marks, shall inure to the benefit of PrimaLoft®.
  • It is understood that the (Brand Partner) shall not acquire and shall not claim any title to the PrimaLoft® Marks or Technology adverse to PrimaLoft® by virtue of the use granted to (Brand Partner), or through (Brand Partner’s) use of the PrimaLoft® Marks or Technology, and shall not adopt any trademark of PrimaLoft®, or variation thereof, as a trade name, business name, or domain name.
  • Every use of the PrimaLoft® Marks by (Brand Partner) shall incorporate the ® registered trademark symbol. All Hangtags, Labels, Packaging and Promotional materials shall all include the notice “PRIMALOFT® is a Registered Trademark of PrimaLoft Inc.” It’s expected that all PrimaLoft® Hangtags, Labels and Wordmarks be used on all products when displayed in stores or on your e-commerce sites.
  • Primaloft reserves the right to cancel, modify or change the permission in these guidelines at any time at its sole discretion.
  • Any handling of PrimaLoft® Brand assets outside of the PrimaLoft® Brand Guidelines requires prior approval from PrimaLoft®.

Thank you for working with us to protect our valuable brand and goodwill. Maintaining a strong PrimaLoft® brand brings value not only to PrimaLoft®, but to our Partners, and to your customers as well.

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